Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Quit Smoking

Thirteen reasons to quit smoking

1. Won't stink as bad
2. Save Big Bucks!
3. Minimize health risks
4. Won't have to empty ashtrays
5. Won't have to worry if you have smokes or not
6. Because I said to B)
7. House will smell better ( in most cases)
8. Better resale value on your vehicle
9. No more nic. fits
10. No more addiction
11. Minimize health risk to others
12. Breathe Better
13. Do yourself a favor and just quit B)

P.S. Good Luck!


At Thu Jun 15, 12:21:00 PM PDT, Blogger Wystful1 said...

This is an inspiration!!!

My Thurs 13 is posted

At Thu Jun 15, 12:48:00 PM PDT, Blogger Mary said...

Great list of reasons to stop smoking - not to mention you don't have to worry about the stains on your ceilings at home from years of smoking in the house!

At Thu Jun 15, 01:39:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Susie said...

I really like this list! My father is a smoker, and he has had 2 heart surgeries and 1 stroke... I can't help but think that those could have possibly been prevented if he hadn't ever started smoking.

My T13 is up if you'd like to drop by.

At Thu Jun 15, 02:39:00 PM PDT, Blogger Titanium said...

Those are good reasons. I'm glad I never started!

At Thu Jun 15, 07:26:00 PM PDT, Blogger Susan said...

Great list....and reminder for all who deal with this habit.

My TT is up here.

At Fri Jun 16, 11:51:00 AM PDT, Blogger PixiePincessMom said...

Always good reasons to quit. I know I would be grateful as I am horribly allergic.

At Thu Jun 22, 07:32:00 AM PDT, Blogger Elle said...

Good luck in quitting - I think it's a great idea!

I'm here to share my TT with you,

At Thu Jun 22, 08:56:00 AM PDT, Blogger Kendra said...

Great list! You're such a good friend to help her quit smoking. Those are all very good reasons! Good Luck to her or him.

At Thu Jun 22, 09:25:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Mrs. Fun said...

Mr. Fun quit smoking the day our first child was born. You gotta be strong!!
great list.

At Thu Jun 22, 09:30:00 AM PDT, Blogger Jade said...

I quit smoking on June 11th (my birthday)! Great TT list!

At Thu Jun 22, 03:49:00 PM PDT, Anonymous dawn said...

sounds like a good plan with good reasons. I wish you luck, I know how hard it can be to quit smoking

At Thu Jul 06, 10:23:00 AM PDT, Blogger Just Expressing Myself said...

I've been off and on for years.
Such an awful habit.
One absolute rule - no smoking in house - hate the smell it leaves behind.
Take care,
Oh and my TT is up ;)

At Thu Jul 06, 04:50:00 PM PDT, Blogger AuntieM said...

I quit 30 years ago..but hubby needs to quit his cigars..6 a day.

Great TT, come visit mine!!!

At Thu Jul 13, 04:44:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Chanda said...

Great List!! I am an ex-xmoker of 15 years! I finally quit in '99 :O)

If I can do it, anyone can! (I always hated hearing that, but in my case it is true!)

At Thu Jul 13, 09:19:00 AM PDT, Blogger peebugg said... will be more fun to kiss!!!

At Thu Jul 13, 06:59:00 PM PDT, Blogger Alexia said...

The best reason to quit smoking would be because you wanted to. I've been smoking for a long time and it's really hard to quit. Good luck! (oh and avoid those patches, nasty nightmares . . . long story)

At Thu Jul 13, 08:29:00 PM PDT, Blogger kaye said...

i agree 101%

At Fri Nov 24, 07:55:00 AM PST, Blogger Alex Health said...

Sounds like anyone could stop smoking... actually, it's a hard job and my secret is ... share it with your friends - they will help muchk

At Fri Nov 09, 07:26:00 AM PST, Anonymous Stop Smoking said...

that's all 100% true! :-D

*quit for more then 1 year ago

At Sun Feb 03, 05:32:00 AM PST, Anonymous Quit Smoking Pro Blog said...

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