Friday, March 10, 2006

Your call is important to us...

When put to the challenge of coming up with something funny someone will say in the future, feedscott had this from a future automated voice system with the voice of Homer from the Simpson's:

"Your call is important to us, but not important enough to actually talk to you."
Please listen to the following options carefully as there may be more options now. This will give you the impression we really care.

Press 1 for English
Press 2 for Spanish
Press 3 for good luck
Press 4 if you are calling from Singapore
Press 5 to take a survey while you wait
Press 6 if this is an emergency
Press 7 for the next option
Press 8 for Tammy or Tamy or Tami or Tammi
Press 9 for music while you wait
Press 10 for more options
Press 11 if you are calling from Iran
Press 12 if you are Lost
Press 13 if you are calling from a touch tone phone
Press 14 for “American Idol” winners
Press 15 if you will be paying with paypal
Press 16 to visit Pond Perspective
Press 17 if you are calling from a cell phone
Press 18 if your cell phone has video
Press 19 if you would like to visit us on the web
Press 20 to find out more about Etech
Press 21 for a naked conversation with Robert Scoble at Sxsw
Press 22 just do it
Prees 23 to be contacted via Gmail
Press 24 for Tony Calebrese
Press 25 for your estimated wait time
Press 26 to be transferred to another option list
Press 27 if you feel you have reached this option list in error
Press 28 for a operator in dubai
Press 29 to digg this option list
Press 30 if your job left you for india
Press 32 for a directory of company names
Press 33 to enter your social security number
Press 34 to enter the # you are calling from
Press 35 to find out about Nasa
Press 36 if you know about "thursday thirteen"
Press 37 if you don't know how to hang up
Press 38 to listen to a talking parrot
Press 39 if calling from an Origami
Press 40 if you had "The Conservative Epiphany"
Press 41 to hold for more options
Press 42 to hang up and dial 911
Press 43 to port this call to a linux server
Press 44 to answer a call on the other line
Press 45 if you need a restroom break
Press 46 to impeach bush
Press 47 to support the country and leaders instead
Press 48 to support the troops
Press 49 if your 8 key is stuck
Press 50 if you're Michael Jackson fined as state shuts down Neverland
Press 51 if you are going to Disney Land instead
Press 52 if you are a Vurf
Press 53 for the brrreeeport
Press 54 if your Gdrive is full
Press 55 for encouragement to countinue with options
Press 52,343 to suggest more options
Press 52,344 to make a complaint about all the options
Press 52,345 if you forgot to press the # sign
Press 52,346 to review these options
Press any key to continue
Press 52,347 if your any key is stuck

Hello are you there?"


At Sat Mar 11, 11:48:00 PM PST, Anonymous Alin said...

...pressing 46 :)


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